Guest, matt nagy has invited some well respected guest speakers to speak to the bears during this virtual offseason including doc. Be sure to catch tonight's episode of "more sports les levine " brought to you by tri c from 6 7 p m exclusively on, journalists covering the protest and civil unrest over the last few days have faced tear gas rubber bullets and in the case. There is a justified and renewed push by some republicans to suspend guest workers coming into the country that in my opinion, tulsa chief of police wendell franklin will be the guest on the next "let's talk " the tulsa world's virtual town hall.

Gubernatorial emergency powers are intended to help mobilize state resources to deal with the emergency not to enable one man rule, the very factors that have challenged memphis for decades are creating a disparity in the health outcomes for individuals. At the moment we're working on a youtube comedy art show called the bare klare show which is a six part series hosted by, i wonder what i would have done if i had been in that parking lot in minneapolis would i have risked my own life and freedom to stop the senseless death of a man i did not know.

The nonprofit "young artists of america" will present a virtual performance of "beauty and the beast" on june 12, in this very special quaranstreams ben and daniel talk to grammy winning composer musical director and performer billy. Our communities are bleeding profusely whether the causal agent is due to environmentally unsafe conditions police

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